Q3 Update for Microsoft Flow

At Microsoft Ignite 2017 we have many great announcements: there are new SharePoint integrations, including "In-the-box" send for review flows. Microsoft Flow is now integrated in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. We are providing better visibility for admins: we are listed on the Microsoft Trust center - showing certifications, like HIPAA, ISO and SOC - we have Power BI analytics, and, audit logs in Office 365. Finally, there is richer connectivity with six new connectors like LinkedIn, Office 365 Groups and Skype for Business, and we even added SQL triggers and support for Custom connectors that connect on-prem.

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Introducing triggers in the SQL Connector

The SQL Database Connector in Logic Apps and Flow is one of the most popular connector, and we have just added a highly requested feature – triggers. Now, you can kick off your Flow or Logic Apps whenever a row is inserted or modified in a SQL Azure Database table.

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Download flow run history, build advanced recurring schedules and more

In the past weeks we have released several new features in the Microsoft Flow experience: you can download flow run history to open in Excel, build recurring schedules to trigger your flows, (for example, only trigger on weekdays), and get IntelliSense as you enter in expressions. In addition, we have a number of connector enhancements: new connectors to connect to Azure AD HTTP services, Amazon Redshift, Azure Event Grid Publish, FlowForma, and the ability to get sharing links for OneDrive or Azure Storage Blobs.

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Microsoft Flow and PowerApps in over two dozen sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2017 - come join us!

Microsoft Ignite kicks off at Orlando next week. We have a number of sessions about Microsoft Flow, where we will showcase new capabilities, do deep dives into advanced topics, and share customer stories. If you are attending Ignite, we’d love to meet you to get your feedback and answer any questions. Here is a summary the sessions for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

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Top five solutions from August's Community AMA

At the end of August, the Microsoft Flow Team hosted its second Ask Microsoft Anything community event -- and it was a huge success! During the Q&A hour, the Flow Team answered over 100 questions asked by our community members. The AMA discussion produced over 20 solutions written by members of the Flow Team. To celebrate, we've shared the top five solutions. Check it out!

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Flow of the Week: Tracking changes in a deployment

In a previous blog, we saw how the Microsoft Flow team tracks Flow portal and backend deployments as they get deployed across regions. While knowing which builds are deployed to which region helps during a live site investigation, an equal if not more important piece of information is knowing what changes were deployed as part of a build. Knowing what changes comprise a build and where it is deployed helps assess the impact of a live site incident and take corrective actions accordingly. In this Flow of the Week, we're developing an end-to-end deployment e-mail notification system and also generating Power BI-based change tracking report without writing a single line of code.

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Flow of the Week: Sentiment analysis on survey data

Last week we created a Flow to track and store survey data with Microsoft Forms, and we asked you to help by answering our questions. This week we're taking a look at your responses and using Flow to run sentiment analysis on the results using the free Microsoft Cognitive Services sentiment API.

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