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Jumpstart your business with Power Automate’s new desktop RPA solution

This year at Microsoft Ignite, I’m happy to continue the conversation about how Microsoft Power Automate is enabling developers to further accelerate their organizations digital transformation with low-code Robotic Process Automation (RPA) accessible to all users. Today, we are announcing the continued expansion of our RPA technology in Power Automate with a new desktop-based solution, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop.

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Announcing support for Loops and Array inputs in UI flows

Announcing the availability of UI flow loops and array inputs. With this feature, we are providing the ability to add a loop to your UI automation as a post-recording activity. You will be able to pass an array object as input variable from an API flow to a UI flow, and then create a loop within UI flow script to perform repetitive action within your UI automation.

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Six New Connectors Released in May 2020

In May 2020, we released six new connectors to the Power Automate ecosystem, bringing the total to over 345 connectors. We’re excited to introduce them to you and show what they offer to you and your users!

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