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You can now get secured access to your on-premises data sources with Microsoft Flow. Learn more.

Automate almost any time-consuming task or process

Set up a simple one-step flow that notifies the whole team whenever a work item is updated, or a complex multistep flow that captures, tracks, and follows up with new sales leads—all automatically.

Whether it's a complex multistep process or a simple one-step task, flows work in the background to boost your team's effectiveness, productivity, and performance.

Automate almost any time-consuming task or process

Connect your favorite services

A flow connects your web services, files, and cloud-based data to save time and effort for everyone, every day!

Start with a template

Save time and simplify your work life by connecting your favorite services in a flow.

Find the perfect flow

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Meet the Microsoft business application platform

PowerApps and Power BI make it easy to access and use your data and services - and Microsoft Flow can add the automation capabilities you want to make it less work. And when you're ready for application lifecycle management support or specialized business-to-business scenarios, move your flows to Azure Logic Apps. Put the right apps between you and your data.