Announcing the Preview of Team Flows

Today we are announcing the preview of Team flows. Team flows make it possible for multiple people to own and manage a flow together, and, if someone leaves an organization, the flows they created can continue to run. Your organization's custom APIs can be shared along with your Team flows as well. We are also announcing support for two new services Gmail and Azure Cognitive Services Language Understanding Intelligent Service.

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Make a copy of your flow

You can now make a copy of your flow to work on draft versions or duplicate a flow that you've created in the past. We also have some new improvements to the Support page and two new services: Toodledo and Zendesk.

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New this week: Design Your Own Swag t-shirt contest!

We want to help you dress for success! Some of our product t-shirts in the past have reached legendary status -- everyone loves the "I've Got the Power BI" shirt! -- and now we want to have your snazzy or crazy t-shirt ideas reach new heights at the 2017 Data Insights Summit, held June 12 - 13 in Seattle, WA. That's why we're holding a Design Your Own Swag t-shirt competition this week in the Flow Community.

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The power of buttons! You can now share your Button Flows and pin to your home screen

Today I’d like to introduce a new valuable capability for Flow buttons, one which can shift the way you and your team works, and how efficient you become: You can now share your buttons with others to run, as well as pin buttons to your home screen. We have also added mobile support to Team flows. Read more on how to work smarter and faster.

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Calling all SaaS apps: Now you can build your own connector for Flow, Logic Apps and Power Apps

A connector is a wrapper around your API that allows the underlying web app to talk with Flow, Logic Apps and Power Apps. It provides a way for users to connect their own account and leverage a set of pre-built Triggers and Actions for their apps and workflows. By being a part of our growing connector family (currently at 100+), you can enable your users to automate common tasks and build workflows in combination with other social and business applications.

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Create your custom integrations in Microsoft Flow using our new and improved Custom API experience

This week we have new functionality to make it easier to integrate your services with Custom APIs using simple easy to use UI components. This blog post aims to teach you how to use a Postman collection to create a Custom API, edit, add and test actions. We are also announcing support for two new services: PowerApps Notifications and PivotalTracker.

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The Power of SharePoint

Do you have SharePoint Online and want to integrate it more fully with other Microsoft products? Have you heard of PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, or Power BI, but you’re not sure how to use them with SharePoint Online? You’ve come to the right place!

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Rebinding Deleted or Broken Connections in an Existing Flow

This simple walkthrough shows you how to fix a flow that has a broken or deleted connection. Connections represent the credentials or configuration that are used to connect to the various services your flow needs, and this walkthough demonstrates fixing them inside of the flow UI designer.

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