Microsoft Flow October 2018 Update: integrations with Office 365, the platform and more!

Microsoft Flow offers rich workflow and business process capabilities for the Microsoft Power platform, and for the Dynamics 365 and Office 365 services that build on that platform. This October, Microsoft Flow is doubling down on the platform integration by releasing key capabilities that enhance the power of all the above products.

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Advanced | Flow of The Week: Convert Office documents to PDF on the fly using Microsoft Flow

Imagine a company where service technicians perform on-site repair of equipment. Inevitably, in doing this sort of work, the technician will need to refer to equipment drawings, service history, past photos, specifications and/or operating manuals.
These days PowerApps is fast-becoming a great option for such a scenario because many field workers prefer to use their phone or a tablet. But PowerApps also has some limitations, and right now that is around the display of documents from SharePoint. For a start, it is impossible to display office documents natively in PowerApps at this time, and there are authentication-related issues in certain circumstances when pulling content from SharePoint.

But fear not… with a 6-step flow, it is possible to solve this problem. This flow allows a remote user to securely request a document from SharePoint, but importantly, converts that document to a PDF on the fly.

There are two big benefits from this:

1. A reduction in time and effort for document controllers. If a document frequently changes, it is most likely in word, excel or PowerPoint format. They do not have to worry about converting it to PDF.

2. It allows the document to be viewed in PowerApps natively (As a result of #2, on top of some Flow kung-fu, we will learn some PowerApp tricks in this article too :-).

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Announcing the Flow checker and four new connectors

Announcing the the Flow checker, which provides an improved validation and error correction experience. You can now get in-context help on where the errors and warnings are in your flows and will be guided on how to correct those errors. We are releasing four new connectors: Parseur, Stormboard and new versions of the Business Central connectors. Additionally, we have made improvements to the Microsoft Translator, Google Calendar and Azure DevOps connectors.

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Solutions in Microsoft Flow

In a recent announcement, Microsoft shared news about a new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) capability for PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. This new capability is built upon the Common Data Service solution system. In this blog post, we will share details about how Microsoft Flow makers can use Solutions to bundle related flows (and apps) within a single deployable unit.

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New Power platform Admin Analytics Reports: Sharing and Connectors

In late September, we announced the public preview release of the Power platform Admin Analytics. In that post we discussed a couple of upcoming reports including sharing and connectors. We have honored that commitment and I am happy to share that both the sharing and connectors reports are available in Microsoft Flow Admin Analytics.

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Advanced | Flow of the Week: Creating an AtBot ChatBot connected to Dynamics 365

Creating Bots that integrate with Dynamics 365 has not been the easiest thing to do in the past for non-developers because it has required a lot of coding to be done, and also in order to change the conversation flows you needed to update and redeploy the code for the Bot to make it available to the users.

Recently I was introduced to a partner solution called AtBot that allows us to create Bot services through the AtBot portal that links to LUIS and Azure Bot Services, allowing us to build conversation flows and dialogs using Flow as the authoring engine.

This allows us to build Bots with zero coding experience that also leverages the power of Flow to connect to other services seamlessly, allowing us to integrate Dynamics 365 using the standard entities.

In this walkthough we will show you how to configure and build an AtBot Bot that connects to Dynamics 365, using LUIS as the engine for discoving the users intent and deploy it out to chat platforms like Microsoft Teams.

This is gold I tell you, gold!

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Repair tips in email for failed flows and other updates

Get emails with specific, actionable feedback about certain errors if your flows fail. Repair tips tell you exactly why a flow failed and how you can fix it. You can also see Repair tips when you click on a run failure in the Flow portal. Additionally, Microsoft Flow is now deployed to South America, so you can create environments that are primarily located in Brazil.

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