2019 Release Wave 2 Plan and May Updates for Microsoft Flow

Today we are announcing the availability of the 2019 Release Wave 2 Plan, which covers the main investments coming in October. Additionally, in the past month we’ve made a number of improvements to Flow: build your flows inside of Visio, there are now triggers available in the Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations connector, and there are many improvements in Approvals. Finally, there were thirteen new connectors in May!

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Build more powerful conditions in flows and more

Use a new advanced condition builder to have conditional logic based on And / Or statements in a flow. Peek into the JSON code of actions in the Microsoft Flow designer. There is a new feature built-in to SharePoint: if a list or library has a date/time column, Microsoft Flow can be used to set up alerts based on upcoming dates. Finally, there are two new connectors: Microsoft Graph Security and XooaDB.

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Advanced | Flow of The Week: Role Based Security in PowerApps using Flow & SharePoint Groups

Enabling role based security in PowerApps controlled by SharePoint Security Groups has been a common customer ask. For example, can you make an Admin screen that is visible only to users who belong to a specific SharePoint Security Group? Yes, you can and this is where Microsoft Flow comes to the rescue!
This blog post is an attempt to share an approach for finding out the SharePoint Group membership of a signed in user and make certain features or screens of an app available to them.

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Send a flow as a copy

It’s now possible to distribute flow templates inside of your organization by sharing copies of flows. Once you have sent out a flow, your colleagues can create it from their email, or from the new Shared with me tab inside of the Templates page.

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Introducing HTTP and Custom Connector Support for Data Loss Prevention Policies

Hello Flow Fans! FIRST! We want to thank Dorian Stubblefield who joined the Flow team as an intern from Washington University in St. Louis for driving the implementation of this feature And now onto the post! We have made some recent investments into our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities. More specifically, we are adding support …

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Generate Word documents in your flows

The new Word Online (Business) connector lets you work with Word files in document libraries supported by Microsoft Graph to generate files from templates and create PDF versions of files.

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Catch ALL The Microsoft Flow Conference Sessions ON-DEMAND!

Hello Flow Fans! The Microsoft Flow Conference was an amazing event, full of useful demos, great humor and MOUNTAINS of valuable information! We had 16 sessions ranging from beginner to intermediate all the way to into advanced techniques. We also had sessions that focused on the community, on real world scenarios and even about non-connected …

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Filter resources in the Flow portal, SharePoint page approvals, and two new connectors

The pages in the Flow portal, including the flow list, now support filtering to find items in the grid. You can now create a page approval flow for SharePoint libraries to add a Flow-driven review process for all new and updated pages. This week there is also two new connectors: Acumatica and Plumsail HelpDesk.

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December updates for Microsoft Flow

This month we have a number of great updates for Microsoft Flow. First, we now clear notifications in the notification center once you have viewed any failures. Flow has documented its Web APIs; for example, you can now programmatically create, share, or delete flows. Flow makers now have more control over the inputs that buttons take, and a new support experience will make it easy to find solutions to issues in the Microsoft Flow portal, without having to open a support ticket. Finally, there are eight new connectors this month including Microsoft Cloud App Security, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and six partner connectors.

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