Filter resources in the Flow portal, SharePoint page approvals, and two new connectors

The pages in the Flow portal, including the flow list, now support filtering to find items in the grid. You can now create a page approval flow for SharePoint libraries to add a Flow-driven review process for all new and updated pages. This week there is also two new connectors: Acumatica and Plumsail HelpDesk.

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December updates for Microsoft Flow

This month we have a number of great updates for Microsoft Flow. First, we now clear notifications in the notification center once you have viewed any failures. Flow has documented its Web APIs; for example, you can now programmatically create, share, or delete flows. Flow makers now have more control over the inputs that buttons take, and a new support experience will make it easy to find solutions to issues in the Microsoft Flow portal, without having to open a support ticket. Finally, there are eight new connectors this month including Microsoft Cloud App Security, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and six partner connectors.

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Microsoft Business Applications Summit is back – join us June 10-11, 2019 in Atlanta!

Connect with experts, collaborate with your community and maximize learning opportunities at Microsoft Business Applications Summit, returning June 10-11, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. This is the premier place for power users, analysts and technical architects to get hands-on with the tools you use every day. Registration is open – don’t miss it!

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Rich text editing in Microsoft Flow and new partner connectors

We’ve added a new, rich HTML-based text editor that helps you write HTML-based emails and more. This editor allows you to customize the font, use bold, italic or underline, customize the color, and create lists or links. Partners have also released four new connectors: Imprezian360-CRM, Encodian, Soft1 , and Zahara.

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Announcing the Flow checker and four new connectors

Announcing the the Flow checker, which provides an improved validation and error correction experience. You can now get in-context help on where the errors and warnings are in your flows and will be guided on how to correct those errors. We are releasing four new connectors: Parseur, Stormboard and new versions of the Business Central connectors. Additionally, we have made improvements to the Microsoft Translator, Google Calendar and Azure DevOps connectors.

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Repair tips in email for failed flows and other updates

Get emails with specific, actionable feedback about certain errors if your flows fail. Repair tips tell you exactly why a flow failed and how you can fix it. You can also see Repair tips when you click on a run failure in the Flow portal. Additionally, Microsoft Flow is now deployed to South America, so you can create environments that are primarily located in Brazil.

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New Community design, support improvements and connector improvements including Teams and SharePoint

In the past week have released several updates. In addition to the Admin Analytics and Power Query features, we have added: a redesigned community experience to make it easier to find what you need, the ability to open support tickets for Microsoft Flow in the new Power platform admin center, new triggers for Microsoft Teams (so you can run a flow when there are new messages in a channel), new actions for moving files in SharePoint, and three new connectors.

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Microsoft Flow October 2018 Update: integrations with Office 365, the platform and more!

Microsoft Flow offers rich workflow and business process capabilities for the Microsoft Power platform, and for the Dynamics 365 and Office 365 services that build on that platform. This October, Microsoft Flow is doubling down on the platform integration by releasing key capabilities that enhance the power of all the above products.

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