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Software templates

Hire, onboard, and manage people easier

Automate common human resources tasks, from adding new candidates for an open job to managing their vacation requests after they've been hired. Start with a few simple flow templates and get to work.

Marketing templates

Simplify the time and absence reporting process

Automate the way you request leave and report sick days using a single point of entry instead of emailing multiple people back and waiting for responses.

Make onboarding new employees easier

Add automated flows to your onboarding process to ensure your new employees have a consistent, welcoming experience. Power Automate templates help managers stay in the loop and keeps your entire team in sync whenever a candidate signs their offer.

Automate the creation of candidate profiles

Save time with automatic, candidate-created profiles. This single template gives you the information you need - without an input from a resume or online source.

Sync up meeting notes across your team

Ensure that the right business actions are taking place when you receive new information by getting notified when new notes are created and automatically creating to-do's to follow-up with notes