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Sales templates

Automate work tasks and more while on-the-go

Whether you’re away from your desk for the afternoon or don’t use an office desk at all, Flow makes it easy to automate day-to-day tasks to keep you connected, organized, and ready to respond to the needs of your business.

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Productivity templates

Stay connected to what’s happening in the office

Eliminate the time you spend checking for updates on important files or checking for emails from important people, like a client or your boss. An automated flow enables you to get a notification when important things are happening.

Streamline your servicing and inspection process

Save time and eliminate layers from your inspection process and service calls. A ready-to-use template can automate the creation and management of service tickets, inspections issues, and more.

Stay on top of your consulting and training activities

Keep your team on the same page and ready to respond to schedule changes or engage new consulting opportunities with the information they need—and then celebrate their success by sharing event and customer images.