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Productivity templates

Automate mundane software development tasks

Get back to the coding you enjoy by automating repetitive bug tracking, workload, and service health monitoring. These easy-to-use templates can improve communication and workflow for your whole team.

Human Resources templates

Respond faster to customer bug reports

File bug reports automatically as soon as they come in—no sifting through emails or reports. Use these templates to define bugs and notify the right team.

Improve your overall task management

Manage all of your development tasks more efficiently. Start with a template that syncs with your task tracking software to deliver regular summaries of your tasks.

Automate your follow-up tasks

Use a flow template to perform complex follow-up tasks when an item is completed. Templates make it easier to track and manage complex development tasks and ensure all steps are completed.

Monitor service health and respond effectively — from anywhere

Make your data alerting more effective by sharing it with team members as well as automatically filing follow-up tasks and bugs whenever an alert is triggered.