Specify that a flow performs one or more tasks only if a particular condition is true. For example, specify that you'll get an email only if a tweet that contains a keyword is retweeted at least 10 times.


Add a condition

  1. In flow.microsoft.com, select My Flows in the top navigation bar.

  2. In the list of flows, select a flow that you have created. This tutorial uses an example with a Twitter trigger and a SharePoint action.

  3. Under the last action, select the New step button.

  4. Select Add a condition.

    Condition button

  5. Select an empty area in Object name, and select Add dynamic content to open the dynamic content menu.

  6. Select the Retweet count parameter to add it to the box.

  7. In the Relationship box, select is greater than or equal to.

  8. In the Value box, type 10.

    The OBJECT NAME box with a parameter in it

  9. Click on the header of action you want inside of condition (such as Create item) and drag it underneath the text that reads IF YES. When you release the cursor, the action should move into that box.

    Drag action

  10. Save the flow.

Edit in advanced mode

You can also select the Edit in advanced mode link to write more advanced conditions. You can use any expression from the Workflow definition language here. Learn more about what functions are available.