Create a flow to perform one or more tasks automatically when you want an event to kick off an action. For example, create a flow that notifies you by mail as soon as someone sends a tweet that contains a keyword you specify. In this example, sending a tweet is the event, and sending mail is the action.


Specify an event

First, you will need to select what starting action, or trigger, will start your flow.

  1. In, select My flows in the top navigation bar, and then select Create from blank.

    Flows option in the left navigation bar

  2. In the box that says Search all services and triggers, type or paste Twitter, and then select Twitter - When a new tweet is posted.

    Twitter event

  3. If you haven't already connected your Twitter account to Microsoft Flow, select Sign in to Twitter, and then provide your credentials.

    Twitter sign in

  4. In the Query text box, type the keyword that you want to find.

    Twitter keyword

Specify an action

  1. Under the event that you created in the previous procedure, select New step, and then select Add an action.

    Add action

  2. In the box that shows Search all services and actions, type or paste send email, and then select Office 365 Outlook - Send an email.

    List of actions

  3. If prompted, select the sign-in button, and then provide your credentials.

  4. In the form that appears, type or paste your email address in the To box then select your name from the list of contacts that appears.

    Blank email message

  5. In the Subject box, type or paste New tweet from:, then type a space.

    Subject line with placeholder

  6. In the list of parameters, select the Tweeted by parameter to add a placeholder for it.

    Add parameter

  7. Click or tap in the Body box then click or tap the Tweet text parameter to add a placeholder for it.

  8. (optional) Add more parameters, other content, or both to the body of the email.

  9. Near the top of the screen, name your flow, and then select Create flow.

    Select the Create flow button

  10. Select Done to update the list of your flows.

    Select the done button

  11. Send a tweet with the keyword that you indicated.

    Within a minute, an email message notifies you of the new tweet.

Manage a flow

  1. In, select My flows in the top navigation bar.

  2. In the list of flows, do any of the following:

    • To pause a flow, set its toggle to Off.

    Pause flow
    - To resume a flow, set its toggle to On.

    Resume flow
    - To edit a flow, select it from the list of flows.

    Select flow
    - To delete a flow, select the ... icon, select its trash-can icon, and then select OK.

    Delete icon
    - To view flow history, select the List runs icon.

    Info icon

    Select a flow run from the list of runs to see the inputs and outputs of each step.

Note: You can have up to 50 flows in your account. If you already have 50, delete one before you can create another.

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