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ClinkIT Solutions

ClinkIT Solutions is a Software Services Company and Microsoft Solutions Integrator, that is in the business of delivering top-of-the-line I.T. solutions to businesses across the globe. The company boasts nearly 20 years of experience in the I.T. industry, implementing a wide range of solutions from the simple to the very complex, delivering success to our clients across the globe. ClinkIT offers solutions for Finance, Telecoms, Retail, Real Estate, Energy, Construction, Sports, and many more. Specializing in SharePoint intranet and similar Microsoft Technologies, ClinkIT offers applications created using PowerApps and Flow that drive previously time-intensive processes to solutions that steer efficiency, increased productivity and apps that bind business data together.

With simplicity in mind and with integration built in the sole of PowerApps, ClinkIT focuses on bringing a unified experience to customers by creating solutions that allow organizations to manage their databases directly in the app which make processes and tasks such as data collection easier and faster.

ClinkIT aims on building solutions that can solve your business needs by creating applications that will help you streamline your internal processes and let you get the most of out of your Office 365 experience

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