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Good: No known issues: Microsoft Flow is running smoothly

Last updated: 10/15/2019 10:57:26 PM UTC

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Top Issues

  • My flow failed, how do I fix it?
    • You first should identify the failure. Start by going to the notifications icon at the top of the web portal, or selecting the "Activity" tab in the mobile app. You should see your flow there, and you can select it.
    • You are now looking at the flow details. Find the step with the red exclamation icon and you should see the error message for your flow there.
    • Depending on the error message, you should be able to "Edit" the flow and fix it. Read more here about how to fix common flow failures.
  • How do I use advanced conditions, or formulas?
    • Read about adding conditions.
    • If you want to have multiple cases inside of your flows, you can simply select "Add condition" from inside of an existing condition.
    • If you want to create an advanced formula you can reference Logic apps functions.
  • How does licensing work with Office 365?
    • If you are a user with Office 365, you get full access to the Flow for Office 365 plan. See the Pricing page for more details about the different pricing plans for Flow.
    • If you are an administrator and would like to understand how licensing works for Microsoft Flow, including with Office 365, read this topic about Flow in your organization.

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