Q2 Update for Microsoft Flow

New updates to Microsoft Flow allow for richer administrative and lifecycle control – solutions built with Flow can be imported and exported as packages. Microsoft Flow also has integration Azure Logic apps: any Flow can now be converted to a Logic app. To enable richer Flow, Customers can now use Excel-like expressions in Flow actions and configure button inputs and button sharing. Finally, a range of Microsoft products – including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Dynamics 365 - are adding the power of end-user automation by embedding Flow more deeply in their user experiences and will be available in the coming weeks.


Flow Collections

Flow collections are a set of template collections organized by role or by vertical. To start off, we've released four collections for marketing, human resources, software development, and education. These collections are now featured on the Microsoft Flow home page.

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Come be a part of the Microsoft Flow Community!

We, on the Flow Team want to take a moment and thank YOU, The Community, for all of the ideas and feedback you consistently provide! All of it is so helpful, and extremely useful to us as we try to continue releasing features and upgrades that make a meaningful impact on your work. If you haven't joined the community yet, we would love for you to come be a part! 

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Flow of The Week: Warehouse Delivery Notification

This week for the Flow of The Week I want to share one with you that came from an App in a day training we had in Las Vegas before the Ready conference. In that demo I showed how a Flic physical button could be used to alert Warehouse team members when a delivery arrived. And in this blog, I expand on the use case to make it even more useful

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Flow Community Blog Highlights

Have you visited the Flow Community blog lately? Along with rapidly growing forums, fun and informative events, and ways to leave feedback, the Community blog is a platform for you to share ideas with your peers, industry experts, and us here at Microsoft. We want to hear what’s got you thinking about Microsoft Flow and workflow automation! To get started, simply message me, @JessicaC, with a rough title for your post and a couple of sentences to describe your topic. Check out these great posts from June and July!

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