Q2 Update for Microsoft Flow

New updates to Microsoft Flow allow for richer administrative and lifecycle control – solutions built with Flow can be imported and exported as packages. Microsoft Flow also has integration Azure Logic apps: any Flow can now be converted to a Logic app. To enable richer Flow, Customers can now use Excel-like expressions in Flow actions and configure button inputs and button sharing. Finally, a range of Microsoft products – including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Dynamics 365 - are adding the power of end-user automation by embedding Flow more deeply in their user experiences and will be available in the coming weeks.


Update your language settings, five new connectors including Adobe Creative Cloud, and more

This week we added the ability to change your language and region settings independent of your browser's settings. There are also five new connectors: Adobe Creative Cloud, Bing Maps, Bing Search, JotForm and Freshservice. Finally, there are a number of other small improvements, such as the configuration of timeouts for long running operations like approvals.

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How to build nested flows with the HTTP action

There are a few different scenarios where you want one flow to be able to call another flow. For example, you can have some set of steps or logic that you want to re-use across multiple flows. This blog post will walk you through how to set up nested workflows using the HTTP action.

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Templates, Templates, Templates!

We, the Flow Team are looking to make an investment in Templates and we want to make sure that the templates we choose to create are of the utmost value to you! There are two places you can participate and it will take you under two minutes no matter which spot you choose to answer.

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Flow Community Blog Highlights

Have you visited the Flow Community blog lately? Along with rapidly growing forums, fun and informative events, and ways to leave feedback, the Community blog is a platform for you to share ideas with your peers, industry experts, and us here at Microsoft. To get started, simply message me, @JessicaC, with a rough title for your post and a couple of sentences to describe your topic. Now let's check out some great posts from May!

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Seven new connectors and other new features like converting HTML to plain text

This week we have introduced seven new connectors: Azure Application Insights - an extensible analytics service that helps you understand the performance and usage of your live web application, Calendly, Content Conversion for converting HTML content, such as from emails, to plain text, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teamwork Projects, and Teradata.

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Flow of the Week: Local code execution

Today, we want to talk about something that opens up the flow beyond the scope of connecting cloud services and being able to help running tasks on your local computer. Very often I forget to lock my computer before leaving the desk only to remember it later in a meeting, but by this time the damage would already be done, such as a prank e-mail to the team from my mailbox. Let's look at a solution using Flow, Gateways, File System connectors, and basic PowerShell scripting.

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