Q3 Update for Microsoft Flow

At Microsoft Ignite 2017 we have many great announcements: there are new SharePoint integrations, including "In-the-box" send for review flows. Microsoft Flow is now integrated in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. We are providing better visibility for admins: we are listed on the Microsoft Trust center - showing certifications, like HIPAA, ISO and SOC - we have Power BI analytics, and, audit logs in Office 365. Finally, there is richer connectivity with six new connectors like LinkedIn, Office 365 Groups and Skype for Business, and we even added SQL triggers and support for Custom connectors that connect on-prem.


Work with multi-level arrays with nested Apply to each and other updates

This week we are announcing that you can have Apply to each steps inside of other Apply to each steps. This means if you have a list of items, where each item contains another list, you can now work those items inside of a flow. Additionally, we have a set of new actions to work with Dates and Times, such as getting local time and getting the current time. Finally, there are four new connectors: Content Moderator, Docparser, Microsoft Kaizala and Pitney Bowes Data Validation, as well as some improvements to the connection experience.

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The power of buttons! Optimize your work day using the new capabilities of Flow Buttons

Flow buttons have been gaining much popularity with our business users as they help them work smarter and faster. Business users can leverage buttons to trigger flows on demand, gather various user inputs, Invite other team members to run the same button, and more. Today, we are introducing the ability to create and run buttons which support image uploading and email address inputs. With this new ability to receive image inputs, you can leverage buttons like never before to optimize your workday - to track your trip expenses, send meeting notes, run OCR on printed documents, upload photos to a shared team location, and more.

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Flow of the Week: Post the on-call engineer list to a OneNote Page on a weekly basis

Today, I'll describe another flow that we use internally and describe some of the advanced concepts used in the flow. Internally at Microsoft, we use a system call Incident Call Manager (ICM) to handle live site servicing rotation and service outage notifications. The flow I describe users a Custom API that's published internally within the Microsoft tenant to talk to the ICM service, builds up a HTML table of all partner teams we typically interact with and updates a section in One Note weekly so we have a handy place to look up the onCall engineers for the team with whom we interact.

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New option to require All approvers to sign off, and more connector actions

This week we are announcing a new feature for Approvals: you can choose whether or not an approval request sent to more than one person will need only one approval, or, if it requires everyone who received the request to approve it. We also have some connector improvements: a new Apache Impala connector, new operations in OneDrive, such as generating PDF's, and more. Finally, you can now give your flows descriptions, which is useful if you are sharing them inside of your organization and you want your co-workers to get a few more details about the flow before they run or edit it.

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Introducing the LinkedIn connector for Microsoft Flow

The LinkedIn connector for Flow enables you to amplify your content's reach by sharing it with the right audience of professionals. You can share an article on the behalf of your company or from your individual profile. This post walks you through a few scenarios that can benefit from a Flow enabled automation around your LinkedIn posts.

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Introducing triggers in the SQL Connector

The SQL Database Connector in Logic Apps and Flow is one of the most popular connector, and we have just added a highly requested feature – triggers. Now, you can kick off your Flow or Logic Apps whenever a row is inserted or modified in a SQL Azure Database table.

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