Q2 Update for Microsoft Flow

New updates to Microsoft Flow allow for richer administrative and lifecycle control – solutions built with Flow can be imported and exported as packages. Microsoft Flow also has integration Azure Logic apps: any Flow can now be converted to a Logic app. To enable richer Flow, Customers can now use Excel-like expressions in Flow actions and configure button inputs and button sharing. Finally, a range of Microsoft products – including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Dynamics 365 - are adding the power of end-user automation by embedding Flow more deeply in their user experiences and will be available in the coming weeks.


Get notified about flow failures, customize columns for tables, and more!

Microsoft Flow will now send email notifications when a flow fails -- so you can always know as soon as something goes wrong. In addition, when working with list of items, you can now customize the columns, for example, when generating an HTML email. This week we are also adding support for Microsoft Forms - a new part of Office 365 Education that allows teachers and students to quickly and easily create custom quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations and more. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are now included with the Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan as well.

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Don't miss these community events at the Data Insights Summit!

It's just one week until the Microsoft Data Insights Summit! If you're attending, make sure to check out all the exciting community events we'll be hosting in between panels and networking opportunities. We've got a QR Code Scavenger Hunt, prize giveaways, and an exciting Virtual Reality immersive experience. Of course our very popular photo booth will return this year with even more hats and props, as well as the famous Swag Prize Wheel! We'll also be holding a raffle to attend limited book signings with keynote speakers Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, the authors of Freakonomics, and keynote speaker Alberto Cairo, author of The Truthful Art and The Functional Art.

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Live from Seattle! Watch the Microsoft Data Insights Summit keynotes and featured sessions.

Can't make it to the Microsoft Data Insights Summit? We’ll bring the conference to you! We’re livestreaming our three keynotes and nine of our most popular breakout sessions, June 12–13, 2017 so you can learn alongside attendees. As Microsoft’s conference for business analysts, the Microsoft Data Insights Summit is filled with strong technical content to help you build a data culture at your organization.

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Microsoft Flow Windows Phone app is now publicly available

You’ve been asking for it and now it’s here: Microsoft Flow app is officially available for Windows phone devices. This new app works on Windows phone devices running Windows 10. After gathering your valuable feedback, and improving our Beta version, today we’re proud to make the Windows Phone app officially public on the Windows Store, and by that complete our mobile offering throughout all platforms. So, if you own a Windows phone device running on Windows10, be sure to check out the new Flow app and enjoy automation made easy!

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Error handling steps, counters, a new flow details experience and more

This week we are announcing even more features that will make it possible to build more robust business processes inside Microsoft Flow. The first the ability to create "error handling" steps. For example, if you have a workflow that copies important data into your Dynamics 365 instance, you can now get a notification immediately if that copy fails. Second, you can initialize and increment or decrement counters inside of a flow run. Third, flows now have a rich details page that shows you a summary of all the properties of your flow. Also, admins can now monitor flow run usage across an organization against the common company run quota.

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Widgets are now officially available for both Android and iOS

I’m excited to share widgets are now officially available for both Android and iOS. Flow widgets are button shortcuts which provide you an easier & faster way for button triggering. With Flow widgets, you can conveniently open a new bug, create a new contact in Dynamics CRM or trigger any of your button flows straight from your home screen, without having to open the app.

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